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Given the storms that have battered the county over the weekend now is a very prudent time to carry out health and safety inspections of your trees.

This does not just apply to large farms and estates along their roadsides, footpaths or other public rights of way. It is also relevant if you have a garden or other domestic tree which poses a risk to members of the public.

We can carry out inspections to assess any damage which has been caused to a tree, and gage what level of risk this poses to members of the public.

The damage caused from high winds and storms is usually more prevalent when the wind comes from a different direction to normal, as trees build a natural defence to the prevailing wind.

The amount of damage caused can vary from dislodging a small piece of already dead wood from the canopy, snapping healthy limbs or branches, or blowing over the whole tree, although this level of damage, on large mature trees thankfully is quite rare.

A Health and Safety inspection of a tree involves systematically looking at the tree, right from the roots, up the main stem right to the tips of the branches.

Once we have carried out an inspection we are then able to recommend what is best for the tree to remedy the damage, for example a reduction in the height of the tree would reduce wind loading on the canopy, or removing any other deadwood from the canopy.

Storm damage doesn’t necessarily mean the tree should be removed and should always be assessed on a case by case basis.

Even if your trees don’t appear to have suffered in this storm, it is always best to have regular inspection and maintenance carried out on the trees to prevent the risk in future and allow the trees to be managed to best prolong their life.

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