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Tree Surgery Services

All aspects of tree works carried out

Tree Crown Reduction

Tree Surgery & Removal

At Ollie Morton Tree Care Ltd we can carry out all aspects of tree surgery works, including: Crown lifting, which involves raising the lower branches and Crown reduction, which will leave the tree with a strong framework of large branches, which support enough smaller branches and twigs capable of producing leaf coverage for the next season. Pruning and re-shaping, on a variety of trees including fruit trees. Tree removal, we can remove trees of any size, shape and quantity, safely and efficiently.

Tree Inspections & Surveys

Alongside roadside tree inspections for Health and Safety Risk Assessment, we can also carry out inspections of trees in other public or private areas. Giving any landowners piece of mind. We can also provide Arboricultural reports in line with BS 5837:2012 for planning purposes.

Chipping & Forestry

We have a Bandit Chipper and mini excavator with grab which enables us to chip larger quanties of brash, to provide an additional service alongside timber extraction to leave a clean and tidy site. We are able to carry out smaller scale forestry operations, which are low impact reducing the effect on flora and fauna.

Roadside Tree Management

Roadside Tree Management

Roadside trees require careful management to minimise the risk to the general public. Ollie Morton Tree Care Ltd offers a full service in the management of roadside trees, starting with inspections to establish any works required, through to carrying out the recommended works. Full reports are prepared and provided to the landowner when carrying out roadside tree inspections to allow them to satisfy their need to manage the Health and Safety risk associated with roadside trees.

Instant Hedging

Ollie Morton Tree Care Ltd works with The Elveden Estate to provide and install Instant hedging. We can take you right through the process, from removing any existing boundary, to the installation and future management of a new hedge. This process can add an instant finish to any project or an instant update to a property or garden.

Ancillary Tree Services

Ancillary Tree Services

We can carry out any ancillary tree works including stump grinding, replanting trees and hedge cutting.

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Ollie Morton Treecare provide professional tree surgery including tree crown reduction, tree crown lifting, tree removal, roadside tree management and instant hedging throughout Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.